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Timeframe Explanation

In response to queries about the timeframe, we thought we should offer a longer explanation of why it is so short.

This is the reality we face. We had our last meeting of the group on Thursday 16 and Friday 17th October, where we had a detailed discussion about the first draft of the report. Following that, we produced a second draft, which went round the whole group on the evening of Tuesday 21 October. They had 48 hours to comment, and we got the last set of very detailed comments in from group members on the morning of Friday 24 October.

We created a second, much changed draft during the day, and got it online within minutes of being signed off by the Chair of the group on Friday afternoon European time. This is the first draft the group feels comfortable with being associated with, so it was impossible to use an earlier version for the consultation.

We have been told by the printer that unless we get final text to them by the end of Monday, we have no chance of having it designed ready for the handover with the UN Secretary General on 6th November. So in truth it was this or no consultation. We apologise again, and hope you understand.

We are also very encouraged by and appreciative of the many excellent comments that are coming in despite the pressures of time, and we thank you all for the effort you are putting in.

Best wishes,

Claire Melamed
Head of Secretariat
On behalf of IEAG

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